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RKBA Discount Pricing

RKBA - Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The purpose of RKBA discount pricing is to reward those who do their part to protect our rights, and give the holdouts the extra push to do it.

Special 10% discount pricing is offered to patriotic Americans who are contributing to the preservation of our sacred Bill of Rights by being active members of NRA, or other RKBA organizations (Join below). Others pay the full price, which usually is still lower then most other retailers. The only exception being; if you find lower confirmable pricing elsewhere, I have a policy where I will meet, or beat any price, as long as it remains profitable.

Military and  Law Enforcement personnel also qualify for RKBA pricing for their service to our country.

You can not, and should not drive without insurance, so you should not own guns without "gun insurance"; the 2nd Amendment which protects all our other rights. Don't let others fight for you - do your part!

To be more effective, it is recommended that you belong to at least one national, and one state RKBA organization. I recommend the National Rifle Association (NRA) for the national organization, as they are the largest and most feared by treasonous anti-gun politicians. You should do your own research as to which state organization is most effective in your state.

Please provide RKBA eligibility proof when ordring; i.e.: verifiable NRA or other RKBA org. member # or membership confirmation if new, LE or mlitary ID.

Join NRA here!

NRA Recruiter
Memberships available here!
(Needed to get 10% off prices)

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Join NRA here!
If you won't support our Bill of Rights, you can support me with an extra 10%!

All prices shown or quoted are RKBA 10% discount
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