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Yugo M59/66 SKS Rifle
Yugo SKS rifle M59/66

Semi automatic 7.62 x 39mm milled military rifle, veteran of the Balkan wars, with milled receiver, screwed in barrel, milled trigger group, underfolding blade bayonet, integral NATO standard 22mm grenade launcher and flip up launcher sight built right in, gas system cut off button, flip up tritium night sights (tritium has a 12-15 year life span, so most older ones have been painted over or filled in with phosphorus - some still work on the lucky few), ten round fixed magazine. Barrel: 24”, Overall: 43 3/4”. Weight: 9.15 lbs.

Unissued milled Serbian SKS - RKBA: $485 - Sold Out! These M59/66 rifles are in new, unissued condition. Carefully stored in packing grease and never issued, each rifle is a beautifully preserved example of classic European craftsmanship at its best.Fitted with an integral NATO spec. grenade launcher, flip-up grenade sight, hooded front and notched rear rifle sights and 11.5" blade bayonet. Milled and machined parts, durable hardwood furniture and condition set these SKS's apart from Chinese SKS rifles and a true bargain for the collector and sportsman alike.

Yugo SKS rifle M59/66

Used milled Yugo SKS's - Most are veterans of 1990's Balkan civil wars in Bosnia and Kosovo.
Rifle only, no acessories
Excellent - RKBA: $425 - Sold Out!

CA Legal - Good - RKBA: $260 - Sold Out!
What is semi auto, 7.62x39mm, has a real blade bayonet, a nifty new muzzle brake, and is California legal?  Why, it’s the new Yugo M59/66 modified for sale in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia!  This California legal Yugo SKS has a brand new muzzle brake where the grenade launcher used to be.  Don’t accept cheap imitations, ours are no hatchet job with exposed threads on the barrel like others.  Our Yugo M59/66 custom compensator is head and shoulders above the competition.

Military issue predecessor to the AK-47 rifle

All "Yugos" as they are commonly referred to are made at "Zastava" ordnance, formerly known as "Crvena Zastava" or "Preduzece 44", the Serbian arsenal in the town of Kragujevac (about 2 1/2 hours away from the capital Belgrade). There are no other arsenals in Yugoslavia, though there may be other satelite locations, so if you see a Yugo anything, it is a Zastava firearm made in Serbia. To the best of my knowledge, all modern Serbian military guns are standard with chromed bores and tritium night sights, except the SKS, which has just the night sights. However these guns are pretty old, and the chroming practice may not have been adopted until the later years (Zastava AK's as well as the Zastava 99 pistol are all chromed). However the superior materials, milling and machining still make this the most desirable of all the SKS'.

Prices and availability subject to change, please callor email.

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