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Black Arrow M93 .50 Cal. Long Range Rifle

Zastava Oruzje

The Black Arrow is a genuine Mauser-Action, magazine-fed, long-range sniper and target rifle. The Black Arrow is in current military service.

  • Mauser Bolt-action
  • 5-round box magazine, detachable
  • Shock-absorbing, telescoping butt stock
  • Heavy Fluted barrel
  • Emergency iron sights
  • Detachable scope mounts
  • Folding bi-pod that balances at center-of-gravity
  • Full-effect muzzle compensator, easily removed for cleaning.

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Serbian Zastava Arms Black Arrow (Crna Strela) is the Premier Long-Range Sniper & Target Rifle.  The Black Arrow meets military specs, of course, and gives you the ability to join the thousand-yard-club.  The recoil compensator re-directs muzzle gases to mitigate recoil to that of a 12 gauge shotgun.  With the Black Arrow you can shoot all day and feel good about it.  The Black Arrow is equipped with a detachable scope mount and is also equipped with iron sights for close range targeting, if desired.  The rifle balances evenly on its bi-pod, so you feel no weight and can concentrate on trigger control while you put the cross-hair right where you want it!

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 The Black Arrow reaches 1,000 yards easily!  Only a small number are available each year, so get yours while you can.

Model Number


RKBA Price


.50 BMG Cal. Mauser Bolt Action Black Arrow Target Rifle


NOTICE: Orders currently on hold until manufacturer solves export license issue.

Black Arrow Accessories

Model Number


RKBA Price


Magazine, 50 BMG Cal, 5 rd capacity, Steel



Ammunition, 50 BMG Caliber, 700 Gr. FMJ Box of 10



Scope, variable 8 X 32, Thousand Yard Model



Muzzle Brake, Compensator



Detachable Scope Mount


Prices and availability subject to change, please call or email.

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