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Yugoslavian (Serbian) Zastava M-76 semi-auto Sniper Rifle 7.92 x 57 (8mm)

Extremely rare collectors import – Zastava Arms Yugoslav Armed Forces Sniper Rifle
Serb made, but used by all sides in the 1990's Balkan civil wars – Bosnia - Kosovo

M-76 Sniper Rifle, Cal. 8x57mm (8mm Mauser). Finally back on the market, this sturdy semi-auto only version of  the famous Yugo M76, has a brand new US made receiver and barrel. Comes with original scope, mount, bayonet, and a 10 rd. magazine. Shipped it in a hard case! Ammo is easy to procure.
These are in limited supply - get yours today!

Weight: 11.3 lbs. (w/scope only).Zastava Oruzje

  • M76B 4x scope & field case (night vision tritium reticle)
  • detachable scope mount
  • 1 mags (10 rd) Extra mags - $44
  • bayonet & scabbard (sawtooth, wire cutter)
  • hard case
  • all milled parts - 21.5" barrel w/flash suppressor - 44.5" overal

    *Not available for sale in NJ, MA, NY, CA, CT or where prohibited by law.

With better optics this is a 1000 meter sniper (over 1000 yds.) – military issue scope good for 800 meters
Cheap to shoot - 8mm high power surplus ammo is usually available.

Retail - $2520
RKBA Price - $1290

Extra mags - $44

M-76 on the net:
Sniper Country
Sniper Central

(bipod not included)

Prices and availability subject to change, please call or email.

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