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Savage ArmsSavage Arms 10ML-II
The ultimate .50 cal SMOKELESS muzzleloader!

NOTICE: We are sad to report that Savage Arms has dropped production of their 10ML muzzleloaders. They will no longer be available. We think this was a bad decision as it was the BEST production muzzleloader available. Due to an overwhelming volume of email requests and phone calls that we could not possibly address individually, we posted all we know here. Thank you.

Smokeless Powderyou choose the propellant! The 10MLII is the only muzzleloader to give you that choice.This rifle will shoot with the best of them using Black Powder or Pyrodex, but why limit yourself to primitive propellants, when you can take advantage of the superiority of Savage Arms 10ML using modern smokeless powder.
Shipped directly to customer - Muzzleloaders do not have to ship through a transfer dealer as with other firearms - No transfer fee!!!

Model 10ML-II
Black synthetic stock with positive checkering, dual pillar bedding. Blued barrel. Specs

#17497 Retail: $660   RKBA: $555 No longer available!

Model 10MLSS-II
Black synthetic stock
with positive checkering, dual pillar bedding. Stainless steel barrel. Specs

#1085 Retail: $738   RKBA: $615 No longer available!

Model 10MLSS-II Camo
Synthetic stock, Realtree Hardwoods® HD™ camo pattern with positive checkering, dual pillar bedding. Stainless steel barrel.

#17504 Retail: $787   RKBA: $650 No longer available!

Model 10MLBSS-II
Brown laminate stock
with positive checkering, dual pillar bedding. Stainless steel barrel. Specs

#17505 Retail: $839   RKBA: $695 No longer available!

Savage Arms 10ML-II Muzzleloader Specs
Overall Length
Barrel Length
7.75 lbs.
Black synthetic, Realtree Hardwoods® HD™ camouflage synthetic, or brown laminate, depending on model variation with positive checkering, dual pillar bedding.
Adjustable fiber optic green rear sight fiber optic red front sight. Drilled and tapped for scope mounts.
Rifling Rate of Twist
1 in 24"
  • AccuTrigger  AccuTrigger™
  • FREE Floating barreled action, heavy contour, button-rifled with crowned muzzle, and sling swivel studs.
Accessory Kit

With rifle: $50  Separately: $53
No longer available!

Kit contains: 5 Powder Vials, 2 Vent Liners, Vent Liner Pick, Powder Dippers, 20 Hornady Bullets, 20 MMP Sabots (packed with bullets), Gun Cleaning Patches, TW25 B High Tech Lube, .50 Cal. Cotton Bore Mop, and .50 Cal. Bronze Bore Brush.

Bear Kill 2003I killed this large adult female (click here or photo to see larger) on opening day Black Bear 2003, with my Savage 10ML-II muzzleloader loaded with a Hornady 250 gr. SST/ML bullet and 48 grains of IMR 4227 smokeless powder in the Adirondack mountains, NY. As with a buck and a bear I killed the previous year using the Hornady 250 gr. HP/XTP’s, with the same 48 grain IMR 4227 charges, there was no tracking - instant death! This full grown large animal was lifted clean off the ground on impact, lungs shattered in pieces. This is the most humane quick kill muzzleloader.

Toby BridgesMy bear was featured in the in-line muzzleloading authority Toby Bridges' High Performance Muzzleloading 2003 Trophy Gallery.
It was Toby that introduced me to the Hornady SST/ML bullet. He gave me a box to try in my 10ML and I fell in love with the accuracy.

Higher Performance
  • Velocities exceeding 2,300 f.p.s.
  • More than 3,000 ft lbs. of knockdown energy

Virtually Maintenance Free

  • Eliminates messy clean-up associated with black powder & black powder substitutes
  • Smokeless powder is non-corrosive, will not damage firearm

Superior Design

  • Capable of shooting 1 inch groups at 100 yards
  • 209 Shotgun Primer shielded from moisture for reliability

Standard features    Model 10ML-II Specs

  • Removable breech plug with vent liner
  • Receiver drilled and tapped for easy scope installation
  • Adjustable fiber-optic sights.
  • Several stock options
  • The barrel and receiver are available in choice of blued or stainless steel
High performance, unparalleled accuracy, no mess - everything a hunter could want in a muzzleloader and only available from Savage.
10ML Manual (PDF)

Prices and availability subject to change, please call or email.

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