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Guidelines for Gunowners in the City of Rochester

Effective April 1, 1993, the City of Rochester enacted an unconstitutional gun control ordinance. The purpose of this law is to protect criminals in our community and to infringe on legal firearm ownership. This page is designed to answer the most common questions about the City ordinance.

Who does the law apply to?
It applies to all persons within the City limits.

What kinds of firearms are banned under the law?
Four specific categories are banned:

  1. Specific assault-type weapons and stockless pistol grip shotguns.
  2. Any centerfire semi-automatic rifle or shotgun which holds more than six cartridges in the ammunition feeding device and chamber combined.
  3. Any ammunition feeding device capable of being attached to a pistol which holds in excess of seventeen cartridges.
  4. " Look-alike" imitation hand guns which can be used in the commission of crimes. Antique reproductions are exempt.

If I currently own one of these banned weapons, what are my options?
The ban is on possession, not ownership; the weapons may either be disabled and kept within the City, or stored outside the City. The City of Rochester operates a gun amnesty program, whereby residents can surrender weapons. For information on the amnesty program, call (585) 428-7210.

How does this City ordinance affect my State pistol permit?
Pistol permit holders may carry their handguns, except those that are specifically banned, in the City of Rochester except in government buildings, on school property, in public parks, or in other public facilities, in which all guns are banned.

How does the law affect rifles and shotguns?
Long guns may not be carried in public places unless they are unloaded and locked in a vehicle, locked in a carrying case, or equipped with a trigger lock.

Is it illegal to carry a weapon while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?
Yes. In fact, the law even includes a provision for the administration of a breath or chemical test to determine the presence of alcohol or drugs in a person's body if they are carrying any weapon, not just those banned.

Do I have to keep my gun locked up in my home?
Yes. All firearms must be stored in locked places or equipped with a trigger lock. This requirement does not apply to those instances when the gun is in close proximity to the owner, such as when the gun is on a bedside stand at night. Also, this requirement only applies to residences, not to businesses.

Is it legal for me to sell a firearm to another person in Rochester?
No. The law bans selling, trading, or leasing firearms in Rochester, except through licensed dealers, or persons surrendering firearms under the terms of State law. The ban also does not apply to gifts or sales among family members, including bequests made pursuant to a will.

What is the penalty for violating this law?
Up to $1,000 in fines and/or 180 days in jail for any violation of the law.

How can I receive additional information?
Call (585) 428-6990.

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