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Barrett M82A1M

Barrett M82A1M
50 BMG Military Demo Package
(will not separate) Click the photo to see it larger
*Not available on standard civilian rifle
**Extra $1100 option on standard civilian rifle
  • Swarovski 10X42 30mm scope and adjustable rings**
  • Extended length M1913 (Picatinny) optical rail to accommodate all new sighting and aiming devices including image intensification, laser designation and aiming as well as thermal weapon sight*
  • Quick detachable bipod with spiked feet* 
  • Monopod to reduce fatigue in operations of long duration.*
  • Rear Grips for use in inclement weather.*
  • No-tools removable carry handle
  • Lightweight bolt carrier reduces weight by .5kg (1 lb)*
  • Two ten round mags
  • Removable muzzle brake to facilitate barrel replacement in the field*
  • New rear sight calibrated for military ammunition.
  • Hard Case

Your RKBA Price: $7995 - Sold! (non RKBA - $8795)
Price and availability subject to change, please call

Non local customers add $25 S&H to your FFL Dealer
(Compare to new civilian rifle: Retail $7300, + scope $1325, scope rings $180 = $8725 - without the special militarized items worth hundreds more.)

Only few available, and will sell quickly because of the special items included that are not available on the standard civilian version. This may be your only chance to own the complete military package. A 50% deposit will hold the next available rifle in order received. All unfilled deposits when the promotion ends will be promptly refunded.

Barrett claims that these are in near "like new" condition. Some have been shot, some have not, but we have no information as to how much or which guns have been shot. Warranty is one year and they are chambered for regular ammo, not SLAP rounds.

The militaries of currently 35 countries are now using some variant of the M82A1 semi-automatic rifle. The rifle has been militarized with improvements requested by users. The M82A1M rifles are noted for their durability, reliability, and accuracy. As a result, Barrett rifles have won the trust of military and law enforcement units worldwide. ARMY Article: .50-Caliber Sniper Rifle, April 2003

Ref: Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc.

Prices and availability subject to change, please call or email

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